2021 wireless Bluetooth earphone market trend

By cloudatlas / Apr 26, 2021

The new trend of the 2021 wireless Bluetooth earphone market: affordable and easy to use.

According to the headphone trend survey report of the well-known Grand View Research market research company, the Bluetooth earphone market expect to have an annual growth rate of 20.3% from 2020 to 2027. Among them, the low- and medium-priced Bluetooth earphone have the strongest growth and mainly sold in growth countries. It is the Pacific Rim.

2021 wireless Bluetooth earphone

Division of consumables for wireless earphone

True wireless Bluetooth earphone technology continues to improve, such as connection stability, power, sound quality, and delay technologies improve year by year, making it more convenient for consumers to use, plus a new generation of sound-based new social media such as Podcast and ClubHouse. To fuel the flames, let the true wireless Bluetooth earphone grow upward.

Take the country of America as an example. According to NDP Group retailer data, the first true wireless Bluetooth earphone sold under $100 in 2019 will be JLab JBuds Air, but in 2020 will JLab Go Air, more than 100 Yuan is for Apple AirPods. This data also shows that the price of true wireless earphones continues to drop, new technologies are more useful, and consumers can buy convenient and easy-to-use products at a lower price.

The trend of wireless headphones

Recently, the sound-based new social media has flourished recently, giving players who don’t like to concentrate on watching movies and videos, and have some new entertainment and social interaction. This wave of sound social media is based on Podcast and ClubHouse. Inspur, the number of users has shown explosive growth, and there will be a wave of user growth follow up. Therefore, it estimate that the trend of Bluetooth earphones will also be brought up. But still need the truth and wait and see.

Last year, the global retail industry severely impact, consumption power reduce, and GDP in some regions showed negative growth. In the post-epidemic era, true wireless Bluetooth earphones will grow stronger and stronger in the future. Source: Zhongshi News Technology.

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