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By cloudatlas / Apr 15, 2021

Recently, AirPods /Apple CEO Tim Cook accepted an interview with foreign media about the launch of the anti-tracking user privacy function of the new iOS system. However, the interview itself did not attract high attention. Instead, a conversation after the interview was popular. In answering whether he would lead Apple on the appointed date, Cook said that he might not stay in the position of Apple CEO for ten years, but the current feeling is still good, and he will not consider resigning now.

Looking back at Apple for 10 years, let’s look at Cook’s Apple Journey


At the invitation of Steve Jobs, Cook left Compaq Computer, which was the most eye-catching computer company at the time, and joined Apple in 1998 as the president of the operations department. Within two years, he reduced the company’s warehouse inventory from 70 days to less than 10 days. Greatly cut spending; in 2001, Cook suspended Apple’s partnership with distributors, and Apple began to set up its own stores.

When Jobs was unable to work due to illness, Cook has been acting as CEO. In 2005, he promotes to senior vice president and chief operating officer of Apple. During this period, Cook always personally took charge of Apple's supply chain, which also allowed him to have The title of "Supply Chain Master".


In August 2011, Cook formally succeeded Jobs as Apple's CEO, and this year is exactly ten years. Under Cook's leadership, Apple's market value reached a $1 trillion milestone in 2018 and surpassed $2 trillion two years later. It is a miracle in the history of world business.

Cancel the earphone jack of mobile phones and launch AirPods to start the era of true wireless earphones

TWS earbuds come out

In 2016, the iPhone 7 series mobile phones cancelled the 3.5 mm audio interface, and Apple took the opportunity to launch the AirPods true wireless Bluetooth headset. At first, it not favors by people. It thought that its price was too expensive and the sound quality did not improve compared to Earpods wired headsets.

But the facts have proved that AirPods is an epoch-making product. It is not only as simple as removing the headphone cable, but also needs to insert chips, batteries and other components in the same volume to optimize the antenna design. Two years after the launch of AirPods, products with a similar experience came out. On the one hand, Apple had patents on related technologies. On the other hand, it was not easy to design and mass-produce a TWS headset at that time.

What is commendable is that each of the three generations of Apple AirPods has left a mark in the history of true wireless headset development.

AirPods support the function of connecting when the cover open. There is a pop-up display on the iPhone, and it can connect to the Apple Watch. There is no need to bring a mobile phone when going out. The headset has built-in dual optical sensors for in-ear detection, and dual beam forming microphones for call noise reduction. , The motion acceleration sensor is used for the tap control of the headset, and the voice acceleration sensor is used for voice wake-up and auxiliary call noise reduction. The product is small but highly integrated, leading to the wave of development of true wireless headsets.

Airpods 2 earphone

AirPods 2 was released in 2019, and its appearance has hardly changed, but it uses Apple's latest H₁ chip, supports Bluetooth 5.0, and can wake up the Siri voice assistant by voice. There is also a version that supports wireless charging in the second-generation product, and the appearance and volume of the charging box have not changed significantly.

Airpods 3/pro earphone

AirPods Pro is Apple's first true wireless headset that supports ANC's active noise reduction function, which once again sparked the upsurge of TWS+ANC. Prior to this, Bose and Sony had been deeply involved in active noise reduction for many years, and they had failed to achieve such a wide range of market influence and appeal. AirPods Pro equips with a SIP packaged H₁ chip. The internal structure design of the headset call a handicraft. It also uses a new interactive method of pressing to reduce accidental touches and facilitate use. The latter upgrade spatial audio function is also very interesting, and it see as a preparation for AR/VR equipment, which further introduce later.

Apple's new generation of AirPods may name AirPods 3. Judging from the information currently available, this product adopts a semi-in-ear design that combines some appearance features of AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. The headphone handle is slightly longer than AirPods Pro and retains pressure-sensitive touch; it will not support active noise reduction.

From the audio business perspective, Cook’s success lies in helping Apple build the Apple Music streaming platform. At the same time, Apple’s Apple TV related businesses have also developed rapidly, providing good audio and video resources for hardware products; the AirPods series of true wireless headphones have been a great success, creating a new market demand; AirPods Max and HomePod series complement the audio product line. Smart watch products may be the second epoch-making airpods

Cook's Apple Audio Business

In addition to the audio product line, Apple under the leadership of Cook has also launched popular products such as Apple Watch and iPad Pro. The product chips gradually transformed into self-developed products, and since the iOS11 system, Apple’s development platforms and mobile devices link Closer, the user experience goes further. It rumors Apple’s car project establishes. It can be said that Cook’s ten years are the ten years when Apple has fully attacked and won steadily.


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