Bluetooth earbuds purchase change in the Chinese market

By cloudatlas / Apr 03, 2021

The changing of Bluetooth earbuds in the Chinese market

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Don't know if you found out, a few years ago in the China domestic market flying international big-name Bluetooth earbuds manufacturers, in the last two years has begun to slowly fade out of the China mainstream market, it seems to have become more and more niche.

I have a lot of friends around the original use of international brand-name products. recently gradually changed to domestic. So what is causing this situation? Let's have a chat today.

I. At home and abroad Bluetooth status quo.

1. International Bluetooth earbuds brands pay more and more attention to the brand effect

Many big names put more cost into advertising and brand marketing, the core sound quality technology investment is not much. Many foreign brand manufacturers even directly in the Pearl River Delta region to find a founding plant.

This kind of selling behavior is undoubtedly selling brand premium rather than actual product performance and quality, as everyone is gradually familiar with their tactics, market share naturally declined.

And more and more domestic headphone brands go the other way. more and more attention to the updating of practical technology and user experience, such as some company on the main "non-fashion, more practical" product concept, the main focus on product development, which is more and more focus on product "practicality" users.

2. There are fewer and fewer international big-name innovations

Although the international big-names have the experience advantage as the bottom, but because most of the technology has long gone to globalization. earbuds sound quality more and more convergence, big-name earbuds if you want to break through and innovation, it is bound to consume huge costs.

So many big-name Bluetooth earbuds more avoid the core technology investment, to the appearance, additional features to do the article. and this soft investment and the actual sound quality of the product has no half a dime relationship.

Because if you put aside the brand effect of the international big names, technically non-stop use old products if it appears in a domestic brand, is it have been eliminated long ago?

3. China domestic Bluetooth earbuds competition is fierce

In order to improve competitiveness, domestic Bluetooth earbuds pricing is more reasonable, service is more secure, more energy is spent almost all on effective technological innovation, don't believe you can look at the two years of domestic brand launch, is not almost every brand has a technological breakthrough.

This must give domestic brands a compliment, because of that electronic products like Bluetooth earbuds, "technology is justice"!

II. Why do Chinese people start buying home-made Bluetooth earbuds?

1. Market price

Ordinary international big-name earbuds move higher prices so that more and more ordinary users, on the other hand, domestic Bluetooth earbuds pricing is relatively reasonable, each price range has excellent products continue to appear, cost-effective affordable products are also in the range of national reception.

2. Service factors

Most of the domestic earbuds service is very good, major brands in various cities have physical repair shops and even experience stores, in the domestic purchase of Bluetooth earbuds have better after-sales protection.

Sony's earbuds, for example, put price and quality aside, and the after-sales issue has been a problem for many consumers. Imagine if the product damage can not find the brand repair that's how sad the brand is

China's Bluetooth earbuds is gradually rising. we also believe that we can give the international market more cost-effective earbuds.

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