Bluetooth wireless earphone different voice of Iron and coil

By cloudatlas / Apr 22, 2021

Interpretation of TWS earphone sound unit: what's the difference between moving iron, moving coil and ring iron?

Bluetooth wireless earphone

TWS earphone is a true wireless stereo earphone, which mainly realizes wireless transmission through Bluetooth technology. Compared with a traditional wired earphone, it avoids the shackles of wire and brings more flexible and convenient use experience.

Bluetooth wireless earphone trend

In recent years, with the continuous development of related technologies and the continuous enrichment of functions, the performance of TWS headphones has been gradually recognized by consumers, ushering in the golden age of rapid popularization.


After the TWS headset is purchased, the application scenarios are also very extensive, including listening to songs, talking, etc. Therefore, the sound unit of TWS earphone (loudspeaker / loudspeaker) is particularly important.


As the most basic firmware of TWS headphones, speakers can convert electrical signals into sound signals, and then provide users with a variety of timbres and sound effects. I love the audio network through more than 500 pieces of disassembly learned that in the current TWS headphones, the voice unit mainly includes moving coil and moving iron, as well as the ring iron scheme combining the two units.

Moving coil and moving iron unit have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they will show different emphases when applied to TWS headphones.

Multi-material sound effects

In the current market of TWS earphone, the voice unit mainly includes moving coil unit and moving iron unit, as well as a few ring iron products. Among them, the dynamic coil unit has no high technical constraints and relatively low cost. With its excellent sound performance in low frequency, it occupies 90% of the market share.

Compared with the moving coil, the moving iron unit is more excellent in medium and high frequency performance. The sound is also more transparent, suitable for listening to human voice and musical instruments. But the complex materials and technical constraints make the cost higher, which limits the market application scale of moving iron.

With the rapid development of TWS earphones, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the sound quality of earphones. Some manufacturers begin to try to make up for each other's disadvantages by combining the advantages of moving coil and moving iron unit, and launch the products of ring iron module unit.

However, new problems such as unit selection, product internal structure design and frequency division technology also appear. Some special problems need to solve by product designers.

Moving coil, moving iron unit, and ring iron die set, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages. How to design a product with good sound quality experience has become the difficulty that the brand needs to overcome. Mean in the fierce competition of  Bluetooth wireless earphone market.

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