The development history of wireless Bluetooth headsets

By cloudatlas / May 13, 2021

Earphones have become a well-known 3C product, and all kinds of earphones are rushing to appear on the market. Nowadays, the popular Bluetooth headsets, extremely convenient and unrestrained wearing feeling have become an item that everyone wants to have. Small and novel are its endorsements.
When did the earphone originate, and what kind of creative inspiration brought it to the public?

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1881 Gilliland Harness

Shoulder-mounted unilateral earphones

If it is not limited to the use of music listening, the first product with the concept of earphones began in 1881 and originated from telephone receivers. The main purpose is for telephone operators in the 19th century. The weight is 8 to 11 kilograms. We see this When it comes to numbers, I think this headset is too heavy! It is said that it was still the most portable communication device at the time. It is really the compactness and convenience of the headset now, which limits my imagination of the source of the headset.


1985 headset

The popularity of headsets is due to the invention of wired phones. At that time, nobles and wealthy businessmen were fashionable to listen to operas. Going to the opera house every day is too troublesome. How can I hear the opera without leaving home?

The home music listening system for electronic equipment that appeared in 1895 uses telephone lines to relay live music performances and other live information to home headphones for subscribers to enjoy entertainment at home.


1910 The first headset Baldwin

Seeing the shape of this, I think, um, it smells like headphones~
This is the origin of the headset, this is the Baldwin headset.
But at the time it was only used by the US Navy for communications, so there was no such thing as the mystery of enjoying music exclusively.


In 1937 The first dynamic headset DT48

The appearance of this headset, in the opera hall in Berlin, Baier invented the world's first dynamic headset, for the first time seen by the world, and is known as another major milestone in the history of headset development.

However, they still not use as headphones for listening to music. At the time, it mainly served telephone operators and professionals.


In 1958 The first headphones for listening to music appeared


With the turning of historical gears, only in 1958 appeared the first stereo ear KOSS SP-3 for listening to music.

In other words, from the appearance of earphones to this time, it has gradually entered the market, and the people have really used earphones.



With the development of technology, nowadays there are more and more types of headsets. Wireless Bluetooth headsets are at the forefront of the trend. With the update of the times, the market for Bluetooth headsets More technological and diversified. And more chip output methods and headset customization methods have also begun to become customized.
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