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By cloudatlas / Apr 01, 2021

A new round of wireless earbuds

In the past, we used traditional wired earphones to listen to music. Now, with the development of technology, wireless Bluetooth earbuds have gradually become the standard for everyone to use. Faced with many Bluetooth earbuds brands in the city, which Bluetooth headset has good sound quality? Today I recommend five Bluetooth earbuds with very good sound quality.

Considered an excellent headset

1. JEETAirPlus true wireless Bluetooth earbuds



Very high configuration, low latency, stable and continuous Bluetooth connection As soon as the best-selling flagship JEETAirPlus Bluetooth headset was launched, it attracted the attention of many media reviewers.

After experiencing the JEETAirPlus Bluetooth earbuds, a professional evaluation agency directly gave a very high evaluation: the first model is truly the best cost-effective earbuds! The JEET Bluetooth headset team has developed a "delay optimized" firmware through dozens of days of hard work and multiple technical iterations, which reduces the delay rate of Qualcomm QCC series chips by 36%, and the delay rate from 280 milliseconds to 160-180 milliseconds. There is almost no delay, and it has become the best choice for many game parties when playing mobile games! Bluetooth's stability is outstanding in the industry!

In addition, the JEET team also provides long-term and continuous upgrade services. Updates are very frequent, and various new game plays are emerging one after another. Such high frequency and high-quality experience are rare in the entire Bluetooth earbuds circle. One of the JEET awards JEETAirPlus Bluetooth earbuds have been sold throughout the network due to their anti-sky configuration.

Judging from the official data, the sales volume has increased directly compared with the previous month! In the past 2019, won the love of digital enthusiasts in major forums The JEET Bluetooth earbuds flagship store has carried out many interesting activities, which flowed into the recent face value deduction, which was simply broken by netizens!

2:Edifier NB Bluetooth earbuds


People-friendly pricing, wireless noise reduction
Edifier TWS NB adopts a black and gray contrasting design. It is classic and stylish. The overall shape is low-key and tough, which is very in line with the aesthetics of digital enthusiasts. Edifier TWS NB adopts a magnetic design, which will prevent headphone shaking or accidents.

The case where the headset is dropped. Edifier TWS NB also took great pains. The headset has a single battery life of up to 11 hours, and the charging box can recharge the headset 2 times. In other words, its total working time can reach 33 hours.

3.JBL T280 TWS true wireless Bluetooth earbuds



Obviously high stability the overall design of the T280TWS is relatively small, with a single weight of only 5.2g, so the softness of the material that helps to fix the shark fin and the edge of the cavity is also moderate, which can ensure that the earphone does not slip off easily, but also allows the user to continue to increase do not feel tired after the end.

4.1more Fashion Bean Bluetooth earbuds

High appearance, active noise reduction but not “Boring”

This Bluetooth earbuds is one of the most popular Bluetooth earbuds. This is not only due to the star effect of the spokesperson Wu Qingfeng, but also the appearance of 1more Fashion Beans is also very good-looking, which has captured the hearts of many consumers.

Those who can't resist beauty will definitely like such Bluetooth headsets. Fashion Bean itself has a battery capacity of 55mAh and a storage box battery of 410mAh. A single earphone can play music for nearly 6 hours when it is fully charged. The ear charging box can charge the earphones for about 3 times. The overall daily use time is fully satisfactory.

5.JEETMARS true wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Highly difficult technology, double positioning structure in the ear
JEETMARS Bluetooth earbuds adopts "IML+LDS laser antenna technology", which not only has very strict requirements on the process, but also all its plastic materials are imported from the United States, which is more than 100 yuan per kilogram. Under the premise that the yield rate is less than 15%, it can be called Regardless of the cost!

JEETMARS Bluetooth earbuds has created a "dual positioning structure" in the ear structure design. Prior to this, the industry basically followed the popular shark fin and horn support such single-point positioning technology. But this technology is very difficult, and it can be called a subversion to the traditional positioning technology. After 10 major adjustments, because they think it later created the JEETMAS Bluetooth earbuds with high wearing comfort and firmness.

The above are the Bluetooth earbuds with very good sound quality. They are all powerful and cost-effective. For your reference!

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