Guide to Wear the TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Properly

By rentao / Jan 28, 2021

How to Wear the TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Well, when it comes to TWS Bluetooth Earbuds then they bring more benefits as compared to traditional headsets. TWS Bluetooth Earbuds don’t have long tangled corded wire because they have been installed by latest Bluetooth technology for signal transmission.

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You can connect TWS Bluetooth Earbuds with different devices like smartphone, Laptop, LCD, LED, Tablets etc. In short all the Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected by it.


If you are looking for best earbuds like Apple Airpod pro in affordable prices then visit Cloud Atlas, we have variety of TWS Bluetooth Earbuds for gamming, jogging, etc. Now you can enjoy upgraded features like Apple Airpod pro in affordable prices.


We assure you about sound quality and bass because our each TWS Bluetooth Earbuds contains noise cancelling feature which block the outer interference.


Step by Step Guide for Securing TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Step 1: Try out Cloud Atlas different Earbuds

Well! First of all try our different size of TWS Bluetooth Earbuds and find out which one perfectly gets fit into your ears. Because every person ear canal is different from other so there is not any exact size for each person you have to find out the best one for you. Check out Cloud Atlas, products because our engineers design earbuds in such a way that they has capability to perfectly get fit into any ear size you just have to choose the large, small or medium size.

Usually men have larger ear canal as compared to women so men have to buy larger earbuds.

Step 2: Put the Earbud in to the Ear Canal

If you perfectly need the sound quality then you have to push earbud to the ear canal. Try to keep it close to the eardrum for better sound quality.

You just have to twist the earbud and after 3 4 twisting it will be fixed. If you fir the head of earbud then outer noise will automatically block.

Step 3: Pulling Earlobe

If you have followed the second step carefully then it’s time to tug on each earlobe with another hand but make sure to do it lightly, doing this will not only open up the ear canal but it will enlarge it also. Another thing that you have to do while tugging is to press the earbud with index finger.

Well if you follow these steps carefully then earbud will perfectly set into the ear.

Step 4: Wiping out the Earwax

If after following above steps your earbuds are not fitting properly then there might be a possibility that you have to clean the ear wax. Because wax is the one that can sometimes make the ear canal smaller and will not allow you to fit the earbuds properly.

So in order to fit earbuds properly first you have to check whether you ears are clean from wax or not if they are not then clean them first but you have to clean it very carefully. If you accidently push it then there might be possibility that it goes further inside.

Step 5: Don’t make movement of your Jaws

While pushing earbuds you have to make sure that you are not eating any chewing gum because movement of jaws can loosen up the earbuds, or there might be a possibility of slipping out the earbuds from ear so make sure not to open or close the jaws.

Step 6: Using TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Last but the most important step, after wearing the earbuds you has to tap the Bluetooth button on your smartphone or the device that you want to connect.  Make sure to Turn ON the Bluetooth, after making it ON now you have click the seek button on 1 earbud.

Soon your earbuds will appear on the smartphone Bluetooth menu simply click them in order to make connection.

Note: If you are pairing your earbuds for the first time then there might be a possibility that it takes a few minutes so you have to wait.

Step 7: Making use of Earbuds Controllers

If you want to pause, resume or change the music then press the controllers on the earbuds. By making use of these small buttons you can pick, drop or mute the calls. While jogging you don’t have to take your smartphone out from the pocket in order to change the music or for receiving call you can do that simply by pressing the earbuds buttons.

These control module features were not in the traditional earbuds, TWS Bluetooth Earbuds have these upgraded features in order to make life easier and convenient.

Step 8: Wiping Earbuds

If you see that wax coat with the earbuds then you don’t have to worry about it, simply wipe the earbud with the help of cotton swab and a rubbing alcohol. Keep rubbing until you find out that all the wax has been removed.

Note: Don’t make use of soap in order to clean the earbuds otherwise their quality can be affected.

Step 9: Keep Charging

Keep charging your earbuds when you are not using them. If you forgot to charge it then earbud can put you in a trouble. What if suddenly you have to pick an important business call and your earbuds are dead so in order to be safe from such situations keep charging the earbuds whenever they are not in use.

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