Most Selling Wireless Earbuds in 2021

By rentao / Jan 26, 2021

Best Wireless Earbuds in 2021 that you have to buy Today


Well! That wire tech has been gone now wireless tech has been greatly improve. Now it has become easier to pick wireless Earbuds that has capability to work for long span of time and did not your gaming.

If you are too much fond of games then we knows that your first preference is sound quality so that both players can exchange a clear voice chat while playing. This is why we are here to introduce world’s most selling wireless earbuds in 2021 especially for gamers.

Many people say that you cannot buy happiness and we accept that they are right, but this is not true you can make yourself happy if you invest into buying the best gaming wireless earbuds.

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If you are enjoying music or busy in some comedian show and suddenly you wish to serve yourself with a cup of tea then with our mentioned headset your show will not be disturb at all. You can go to kitchen and can make a coffee along enjoying a comedic show.

Technology has been getting very modern with each passing day; now don’t push yourself to buy those wires tech that create mess around you.

Spend your hard earned money into the worthy wireless headset and make your day. We assure you that after buying this wireless headset you will not regret at all.

Here we are going to mention few features that really matters to every gamer before buying any wireless headset. These important features are battery life as well as error free wireless connection.

Before buying you have to make sure that the headset has been equip by advance Bluetooth technology in order to create a flawless connection.

Our Best Gaming Pickup – Amazing Wireless Earbuds

If you are serious and really looking forward to buy the best headset then you should look into our best pickup.

F100 Gaming Earbuds

As we all knows that Apple is a very expensive brand, every common man cannot afford Apple Airpods because of their expensive prices but you don’t have to worry now. Do you want to experience Apple Airpods pro then try our F100 gaming earphone , whatever the features Apple Airpods have you will experience all those features in a very budget friendly price.

You will not believe but yes F100 daily comes up with almost 2000 output unit. Best part about F100 wireless headset is that it comes up with 30mAh lithium-ion battery. Is not it amazing?

YES it is, because with these earphones you can play games continuously for 4 hours almost. It has a charge case also that has been equip by almost 240mAh lithium-ion battery.

Best thing about this charge is that it has a capability to charge the earphones almost 4 times a day so in short you can enjoy almost 12 hours of gaming a day.

Here we are going to list down its main features

  • The very first amazing feature of this F100 wireless earbuds is that it shows the remaining battery capacity.
  • You can even re name the device.
  • You can bring it to transparency mode also.
  • Whenever you connect it, a pop up window will appear.
  • Best thing about it is that if you remove it from your ear then it will pause the music automatically or if you put it on again it will active himself because it has been made by using a advance technology so it can detect whether to active it or not.
  • Last but the most important feature of this is that it has noise cancelling feature that make it unique from others gaming earphones. Yes weather the seal is not properly tight or loose does not matter its advance functionality automatically block the outer interference and don’t let the noise to come in.

So what are you waiting for? Who want to miss such affordable gaming wireless earphones that have all the features of Apple Airpod pro?

If you are interested then contact us today at your earliest convenience.

Why to Choose Cloud Atlas?

Cloud Atlas comes into being in 2003 with just sixteen employees but you will not believe now our company has more than 700 employees because of quickly growing.

We have a huge name into the audio devices industry now, our factory has been awarded with lot of certificates so you can rely on us.

If you check reviews about CloudAtlas then you will get almost 90% positive feedbacks about our company.

Our engineers not only focus on product stylish design but they have deep knowledge about ear protection so while manufacturing each product they follow ear protection rules in order to keep the customers ear safe. Our few expensive products has been made by using anti-bacterial coating in order to keep the ear safe from bacterial infection.

Obviously when the quality increases then prices automatically increases, but we recommend you to spend the few more dollars and only buy the worthy product for yourself. But our prices are still reasonable as compared to other brands because we took great about our customer’s needs.

If you want to buy gaming wireless earbuds today then Call us at +86-755-2790 7264 or Email You can contact us directly via Contact page.  One of our team members will respond you soon.

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