XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots

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XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots


XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots
XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots

XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots XIAOAI Pre-Teaching Robots

About Cloudatlas

WXYT(Full name "Shenzhen Wireless Cloud Image Electronics Co., Ltd") is a Shenzhen-based leading manufacturer and OEM provider of TWS earphones, smartwatch, pre teaching robot wireless microphone.

Established in 2013 and originated with 5 pillars who are professionals in the solution of 3c hardware & software, now the members of the team have grown to 300 persons with an integrated chain of R&D, manufacturing, and sales.

WXYT takes " High Sound Quality, Strong Signal, Noise Cancelling, Comfortable wearing" as our long-term pursuit.

We focus on the quality and cost performance of each product, that's why our products are popular with both online and offline stores. for the 2 consecutive years, our products are top sellers on major online marketplaces in China.

So Why choose us?

1:Firstly we are the supplier of a large 3c company in China, and the quality is guaranteed!

2:Secondly we have the large engineering team(35+), We can do it as long as you can think of it!

3:Fast proofing and fast delivery, 24-hour online customer service is waiting for your consultation!


We're going to produce high-quality and high-quality robot, and supply smart robot to all over the world.
There are many partners who cooperate with us at present, so we are confident that we can serve you well. I hope you will like xiaoai. By now it sold to South Korea, the United States and other countries, and received good feedback!

If you are interested in this robot, please contact us! We support OEM/ODM customized service, one-stop e-commerce service. This robot is a private model robot, which is more secure and guaranteed. As a result Cloudatlas Electronics Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you.

More 3c products information (cloudatlas face books)

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