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By cloudatlas / May 08, 2021

TWS Bluetooth wireless earpiece Technology trend article

Focusing on the R & D and application of AI intelligent hearing technology, elephant sound has completed more than 100 million yuan of round B financing

tws bluetooth wireless earpiece

Elephant sound technology recently completed a round B financing of over 100 million yuan, led by Lanpu capital, followed by Jiakang Technology Fund and Zijingang capital. Elephant sound focuses on the R & D and application of AI intelligent hearing technology. The fund will use to further attract talents from the industry, and accelerate the research and development of algorithms and special chips in the fields of mobile communication, teleconference, Bluetooth headset, hearing aid, smart home and vehicle sound field control.


Elevoc, founded in Shenzhen in 2017, is one of the world's leading machine auditory artificial intelligence companies. It committe to providing cutting-edge intelligent voice enhancement and voice interaction solutions to create a more natural human-computer interaction experience.

Wisdom set sail

Based on years of research on computational auditory scene analysis theory (CASA), elephant sound has gathered a group of world's top machine auditory scientists and experienced product R & D teams, and applied cutting-edge deep learning technology (DL) to provide services for smartphones, headphones, tablets, PCs, VoIP cloud communications, smart cars, smart home and other industries, provide the world's leading intelligent voice enhancement and intelligent voice interaction solutions.


In the field of TWS Bluetooth wireless earpiece, the AI call denoising algorithm of elephant acoustics, based on deep neural network (DNN) and computational auditory scene analysis theory (CASA), can separate human voice and background noise in real time and extract clear human voice. After a lot of data training, the algorithm model not limite to the type of noise, and is suitable for many call scenarios. In 2019, the elephant sound department proposed a solution of voice call noise reduction combining bone conduction and deep learning, and successfully implemented it in dreampods in 2020.


Based on the theory of deep learning and computational auditory scene analysis, the voice denoising scheme of vocplus headphone TWS Bluetooth wireless earpiece of elephant sound division can separate human voice and background noise in real time, extract clear human voice, and greatly improve the call clarity in noise environment for instance subway, shopping mall and KTV. The solution now supports single / double / triple / bone conduction voice noise reduction. Helping brand manufacturers to create more competitive Bluetooth headset products.


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