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By cloudatlas / Apr 22, 2021

TWS true wireless Bluetooth earphones is the fastest growing product in the consumer electronics market in recent years. Real TWS earbuds attracts the most attention from consumers.

On the one hand, due to the upgrading of the internal structure of the smartphone, 3. 5 mm audio interface, it is possible to go to the era of integration without opening in the future; On the other hand, head mobile phone manufacturers represented by apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands will no longer provide accessories such as wired headphones with mobile phones, which may lead other brands to follow suit. Bluetooth's headsets, especially TWS wireless headsets, have become the best choice to understand and meet the inherent and increasingly rich audio and video needs of consumers

T10E TWS Bluetooth wireless earphones with led display
Although the real wireless headset market is in full bloom, it seems that there are many choices for consumers. There is a big gap between the pairing and daily use experience of different brands of mobile phones and real wireless headsets, especially in the connection stability, call quality and game delay, which greatly affect the user experience.

"T10E Bluetooth wireless earphones"

In the face of this problem, Qualcomm Technologies International Limited recently launched a Qualcomm snapdragon sound ™ Audio technology platform, which optimizes the latest chip hardware, audio and voice technology of Qualcomm, aims to create a seamless immersive audio experience for terminals such as smartphones, wireless earplugs and headphones, and between terminals.

Qualcomm publicity

First, what Qualcomm needs to launch Snapdragon Sound ™ Audio technology platform?

  1. Expanding wireless audio market

As we all know, the Bluetooth headset market, especially the real wireless headset market, has grown rapidly in recent years. What is the specific data? In the past four years, worldwide, the sales volume of brand real wireless headphones is about 46 million in 2018, and the sales volume will increase to 90 million in 2019, with an increase of 96%; while in the more difficult year 2020, the sales volume of brand TWS headphones will continue to grow, reaching 300 million, with a year-on-year increase of 230%, and the market volume will become increasingly large.


As a leading wireless technology innovator, Qualcomm QCC series Bluetooth audio SOC launched has witnessed many stages of the development. Among the 500 popular audio products disassembled, 133 application cases and 28 Qualcomm Bluetooth chips were found, with high proportion.

  1. The importance of wireless audio experience is increasingly prominent
  2. The pain and difficulty of wireless audio technology

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