Things to Know before Buying TWS Earbuds Custom

By rentao / Jan 25, 2021

Few Things to Consider– Why to Buy TWS Earbuds Custom today

In this era, you get to see deal with lot of manufacturers on daily basis few of them produce really good products and few produce a dreadful one. Custom Earbuds plays an important role when it comes to jogging or workout so it’s really important to buy a pair of good TWS Earbuds custom.

Here we are going to explain the few things that you must have to look for in every custom earbud.

TWS Earbuds custom


In market you will get to see thousands of products and of course 90% people give preference to the low cost earbuds. We don’t recommend you to rush towards the lower price because good TWS Earbuds custom doesn’t comes in the lower prices. Spending a few more dollars can give you a valuable thing.

All the expensive TWS Earbuds custom comes up with high quality Bluetooth chip and also contains high quality batteries that allow them to work for longer period of time.

So if you are looking for good quality TWS Earbuds custom then be ready to pay some extra dollars and get warranted services.


Second important thing that you have to consider before placing order for TWS Earbuds custom is codecs. Yes, we recommend you to find the product that supports SBC. Those earbuds that don’t support SBC often comes up with bit flat sound which is not good.

If you are android user then we recommend you to find the earbuds that supports Hi-Res aptX HD. And if you are an apple user then we recommend you to find earbuds that support SBS or ACCA. ACCA is a higher level of quality so keep these codecs in your mind before placing order.

Ear Tips

After Codecs, third important thing to consider is Ear tips. Eartips are really important for any earbuds. If you buy an earbuds that has been equipped by silicone tip then there might be a possibility that it will not make a tight seal with ear canal. Such earbuds don’t have capability to block the outer interference.

Try to buy the earbuds that has memory foam tips because such earbuds brings a strong seal and cover up the outer ear canal completely and block the outer noise 100%.

Also make sure that the earbud you are going to buy perfectly got fit to your ears, because in market you will get to see medium, large or small size earbuds but you have to choose the suitable one.

There are many earbuds that has extra features like small ear fin that plays an important role in forcing up the earbuds into the ear. It is very important to buy the earbuds that brings comfy and softness while forcing into the ear.

You can also test them by running or bouncing if they don’t fall off while running or bouncing then that earbuds is perfect to buy.

Battery life

Before buying looking into the battery life is really important, If your choice is to buy the earbuds that must have 10 to 12 hours battery life upon single charge then the price for such earbuds will be expensive because common earbuds comes up with 5 to 6 hours of battery life.

So before buying checking the battery life is very important according to your desired.


If you buy the expensive models then you will be facilitated by control pads features. By pressing these control pads you can increase or decrease the volume. Not only that you can even take phone calls or change the music also. Isn’t it amazing? But for availing these features, price matters a lot.

If you buy the cheapest model then you cannot avail these features, while running or jogging every time you have to open your smartphone for changing music or for picking up calls.

If you buy the more advance earbuds then you will get to see lot more advance feature for example if you bring out earbuds from your ears then upon removing music will be pause automatically.

We strongly recommend such amazing earbuds to everyone but make sure to buy the one that have extra ordinary control.


Are you looking for extra ordinary TWS Earbuds custom? If yes then you are at the right place. Check out our Bluetooth Earbuds T50. This is one of the most selling product of our because of extra ordinary features.

These earphones are especially designed for all ear types, their battery capacity is very large enough to fulfill any needs.

It has been equipped by 35mAh battery that has a capability to produce 4hours constant music time.

You can easily charge such earbuds up to 40 times, their quality will not be affected at all.

They come up with a long lifespan so you don’t have to worry about the durability and efficiency.

It is very advance because its charge case contains LED that will show you the remaining battery capacity so you will easily be aware that for how long it can work more.

These earbuds best part is that they come up with extra ordinary bass and treble that brings amazing experience for users.

Last but the most important feature it have is noise reduction technology. Yes! it has been made by using advance noise reduction chip that can block out the outer noise.

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