The latest forecast of Bluetooth Market

By cloudatlas / Apr 22, 2021

The latest forecast of Bluetooth Market: by 2025, the annual shipment of Bluetooth devices will exceed 6 billion. (Such as TWS Bluetooth wireless earphone) 


TWS bluetooth wireless earphone

Beijing, April 15, 2021 - the COVID-19 outbreak has slowed the growth of the annual shipments of Bluetooth devices for a year, but it is expected that some markets such as wearable devices and positioning systems will achieve substantial growth. The Bluetooth special interest group (SIG) today released the latest information of Bluetooth market in 2021. The report predicts that although the growth rate of the Bluetooth market has slowed down in the past year, the annual shipment of Bluetooth devices is expected to increase from 4 billion in 2020 to more than 6 billion by 2025.

Market shock

Although most markets have been influenced by COVID-19, there are still some opportunities for growth in the Bluetooth market. In the past year, increase in the medical environment using Bluetooth medical devices and solutions to minimize exposure risk. It estimates that by 2025, the deployment of Bluetooth medical location service will increase five times on this basis. In addition, the global trend of turning to home office has promoted the growth of Bluetooth PC accessories.

In 2020, the shipment volume of Bluetooth PC accessories will be 153 million, 10% higher than last year's expectation. The growing attention of the public to health issues also growth in the demand for Bluetooth wearable devices. It estimates that the shipment of Bluetooth wearable devices will reach 205 million in 2021. In addition, due to the global attention to the safe return to work solution, it estimates that by 2025, the deployment of Bluetooth real-time positioning system (RTLS) will reach 516000.

Wait and see for the future

Mark Powell, chief executive officer of Bluetooth technology alliance, said: "we are very proud that Bluetooth member communities have been able to cope with the challenges of 2020, and thank so many members for their unremitting efforts to develop and innovate to help control the epidemic. This epidemic has once again confirmed the original vision and mission of the Bluetooth community, which is to unite all innovators to promote technological progress and ultimately create a safer and more connected world.

With the support of more than 36000 membership, Bluetooth technology has been meeting the growing demand for wireless innovations.

Annual shipments of Bluetooth wearable devices and PC accessories will exceed PRE epidemic forecasts

In 2020, the global trend of home office will promote the growth of Bluetooth PC accessories. At the same time, with people's increasing attention to health and telemedicine demand during the epidemic period, the market demand for Bluetooth wearable devices(such as TWS Bluetooth wireless earphone) has increased by 5% compared with the previous forecast. It estimates that the annual shipment volume of Bluetooth data transmission equipment will increase by 1.7 times by 2025.

Bluetooth's location service devices will rebound and rise in the next five years

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