TWS Bluetooth wireless headphone Investigation Series I

By cloudatlas / May 08, 2021

Social Investigation Series

Presumably everyone has used TWS Bluetooth wireless headphone, so what kind of positioning do you have in mind for Bluetooth earphone?

Recently we have obtained a set of data, which is the result of a social survey. We researched personal usage preferences and usage time. Let us see if the same is true for you.


TWS Bluetooth wireless headphone

What brand of wireless earphones do you often use? What attracts you to it? How long do you usually use it a day? . In response to these three questions, we found three people in the community to ask. The result is this:

Survey conclusion

Vader: I use a lot of wireless headphones, because our company makes this product. But my favorite earphone brand is the TFZ monitor earphone, it looks very high-end. The sound performance is also good, and the vocal analysis ability is very strong. I have 4 headphones of this brand! The main reason is that it is beautiful, and I also like the way the monitor headphones are worn, so they don’t fall off easily. I usually listen to songs at night.

Nick: As someone who listens to music for a long time, I think only beats can make me excited. Because it is so comfortable. I like the "immersive music experience" wireless headsets are bulky, but they put me in them. I usually wear it when I commute, about 4-5 hours a day.

Huang Kevin: Music may be more time spent on nostalgia for me. I prefer to listen to old songs, which allows me to have a feeling of going back in time. When I put on the headphones, it feels like going back in time. I prefer to use Audio-Technica headsets. This may be because I am more interested in Japan and believe in their technology. For me, the wearing time not very fix, I will listen when I want to listen to music.


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