TWS earbuds Bluetooth chip or will be upgraded

By cloudatlas / Apr 08, 2021

TWS earbuds Bluetooth chip or will  upgrade

TWS earbuds, the main control chipset fully upgrade to the Bluetooth version 5.2

Is TWS earbuds or will be a major reform?

Bluetooth 5.2 and LE Audio is an improvement to the entire Bluetooth audio industry standard. For the original Bluetooth chip manufacturer, the existing true wireless technology and audio codec do not conflict with LE Audio, and can coexist in the future as an option; and after the Bluetooth chip supports LE Audio uniformly, different brands of Bluetooth The equipment will be improved in terms of connection, sound quality, delay, power consumption, etc., and the product quality and user experience will also greatly improve.


However, one thing that needs to be clarified is that Bluetooth audio products that support LE Audio must be based on Bluetooth 5.2 version specifications. In the future, due to various reasons, Bluetooth audio SoC certified by Bluetooth 5.2 may not support LE Audio (using LC3 codec).


At present, Bluetooth audio SoCs that have passed Bluetooth 5.2 certification are the latest products of various companies. They have better optimizations in connection stability, transmission speed, and power consumption. It will also be better to connect with smartphones that support Bluetooth 5.2 version. The user experience, and the connection with the current Bluetooth 5.0 mobile phone may not be obvious, but it does not prevent it from becoming a major selling point of the new true TWS earbuds.

TWS earbuds


Airoha chipset

Airoda AB1562A, which has ultra-low power consumption, stable Bluetooth connection and Hybrid active noise reduction function, integrates all functions in one, The chip has a built-in Hybrid ANC active noise reduction, and provides a new generation of three-microphone noise reduction technology; With Airoha reduction Noise algorithm can significantly reduce wind noise and improve call quality.


Airoda AB1562A built-in Ten silica HIFI mini DSP, 2 MB/4 MB flash memory, integrated lithium battery charge controller and power management circuit. In terms of Bluetooth specifications, it supports Bluetooth 5.2 dual mode, and supports Bluetooth low energy mode, supports A2DP, HFP, AV RCP, SPP and other functions.

BES chipset

BES Technology is mainly engaged in the research and development, design and sales of smart audio SoC chips. They're also providing customers with edge smart master platform chips with voice interaction capabilities in AIoT scenarios. Products widely use in smart Bluetooth headsets, Type-C headsets, smart speakers, etc. Smart terminal products. Hengxuan Technology is committed to becoming the most innovative chip design company, with forward-looking R&D and patent layout, continuous technology accumulation, rapid product iteration, flexible customer service, and constantly launching leading products and solutions to become AIoT The leader of the main control platform chip.


Huawei FreeBuds 4i TWS earbuds is the second product to use BES2500 series Bluetooth audio SoC. The specific model is BES2500Z.


Huawei FreeBuds 4i uses a single-feed noise reduction solution that supports transparent transmission of ambient sound. The call noise reduction uses dual-microphone beam forming technology. The codec is AAC/SBC; the battery capacity of the headset is 55mAh, which enables a single battery life with noise reduction. There are 7.5 hours.


It means Hengxuan adopts the same strategy as the BES2300 on the BES2500. Different suffixes are means different chip functions, and a summary analysis of more products need to understand the difference. The BES2500 series more optimizer in terms of power consumption control, and the product lifetime significantly improve.


Bluetrum chipset

Zhongke Lanxun "Xunlong II" BT892x series Bluetooth audio SoC adopts a new process technology + a new multi-core parallel system architecture. And the computing power allocate to the main core and HWP during large calculations, reducing the CPU frequency and reducing operating power consumption; BT892x supports Bluetooth 5.2, the chip adopts a new radio frequency architecture, performance is improved, the delay of normal mode is about 120ms, and the game mode is less than 65ms; integrated active noise reduction function, ANC controller upgrade 2.0, and the calculation accuracy is improved; BT892x can support high-definition decoder AAC/LHDC/LDAC.


In addition, the "Xunlong II" BT892x series integrates the ENC algorithm for call noise reduction of SP Technology, with single MIC and dual MIC options available; it supports Baidu, Tmall Elf and other cloud AI protocols, and is compatible with multiple platforms. The BT892x series will also support a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard LE Audio in the future.


At present, Bluetooth audio SoCs supporting Bluetooth 5.2 are the latest generation products of various chip manufacturers. And have better optimizations than previous generations in terms of connection stability, transmission speed, and power consumption. At the same time, we can also see that the integration of each product is very high. Many chips also integrate functions such as active noise reduction, adaptive noise reduction, which greatly facilitates the product. Development

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